16 December 13

Recent Appointments

As well as implementing our Australia and Asia Pacific growth strategy, we have also appointed two key team members in our UK office. Since 2012, London has seen a renaissance in hospitality projects. “London is brimming with positive energy, which I attribute to the success of the 2012 Olympics. Hughan Design is in a prime position to facilitate this. “Our long presence in the UK has availed us great knowledge of the area, the people, the operators and their needs,” said Angela.

5 December 13

Hughan Design announces expansion in Australia and Asia Pacific

Hughan Design has embarked upon an aggressive growth strategy in the Australia and Asia Pacific region. This area will be an increasingly significant area for Hughan Design over thecoming month’s with it’s stable market, and with ideal positioning on the map, linking our Asia and Europen Hotel Markets.

30 May 13

Enhancing value and guest experience through design.

Our unique collaboration with fabrik Landscape has allowed us to play with the relationship between indoor and outdoor areas within a Hotel. This has opened up a wealth of opportunity to expand a hotel’s use and appeal. It is here where we, the Interior Designer, and Landscape Architect are working together to design spas, dining areas, bars and pools which extend into the hotel grounds through elevated terraces, paradise gardens and secluded courtyards.

29 May 13


On a warm and sunny May evening, Investors, hoteliers, designers and developers gathered for the OutsideInside Hotels and Luxury Living event at fabrik Landscape’s Bankside studio to explore the creation of ‘earthly delights’ and exclusive guest experiences.